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Service oriented, API driven, no single points of failure, small failure domains, linear scalability. And cattle, not pets.

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Join the collaborative community, access publicly shared information and take the leadership of your company’s future.

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European by culture
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The EU Institutions have chosen Enter Cloud Suite and the Cloud Team Alliance as one of the 5 official providers for public IAAS.

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Enter Cloud Suite is multi-region: you can run your instances in Italy (Milano), Germany (Frankfurt) or Netherlands (Amsterdam).
Our locations are interconnected via a two-way proprietary optical link and guarantee the lowest possible latency between datacenters.
Public network access is provided via multiple 10Gbps links.

Our compute and storage nodes are based on Intel Xeon CPUs with SSD drives, and are interconnected via 10Gbps (compute) and 40Gbps (storage) ethernet links.

All the european network is protected against DDoS attacks up to several hundreds of Gbps.

Are you a developer
or a system administrator?

You can manage computing, instances, storage, networks, CDN, DNS and domains with our browser-based dashboard or directly through API. Create your infrastructure in a minute and choose between 3 regions in Europe.


Need an architect
for your cloud infrastructure?

We can setup, manage and control your infrastructure for you: you will save time for your business. The offer includes the design, migration, management, optimization, monitoring and support for your infrastructure.